Malang is located in the center of Malang Regency and south side of Java Island. The city has an area of ​​145. 28 km2. The city is bordered by Singosari and Karangploso sub-districts upon the north side District Pakis and District Tumpang upon the east side Tajinan and Pakisaji sub-districts upon the south side and Wagir and Dau sub-districts upon the west side which are typical subdistricts in Malang



Malang is really a city surrounded by mountains

The city of Malang is surrounded by mountains and mountains. The city is surrounded by Mount Arjuno inside the north mount Semeru onto the east Gunung Kawi and Mount Panderman inside the west and Mount Kelud inside the south.

Malang city with background of Mount Semeru

Malang is really a plateau that’s large sufficient to be appropriate for industry northern part is really a fertile highland that’s appropriate for agriculture the eastern part is really a plateau having a less fertile state and also the western part is really a vast plateau and it is now an educational area.

Malang is really a city located inside the province of East Java, Indonesia. Located 90 km south of Surabaya and is that the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya, and is amongst the largest cities in Indonesia by population. Besides that.

Malang City is passed by perhaps one of the longest river in Indonesia and also the second longest in Java Island after Bengawan Solo, Brantas River whose springs are located upon the slopes of Mount Arjuno inside the northwest from the city.The next longest river in Malang is that the Metro River passing through Malang City in Karangbesuki Village,Kecamatan Sukun.

The city of Malang is located inside the highlands. The city lies at an altitude between 440-667 meters above sea level. The very best point from the city is in CitraGarden City Malang, an independent city,while the bottom area of ​​Malang City is in Dieng Area.

The aspects of Malang City have their very own peculiarities to ensure It must its own compatibility in various activities. The southern section of the City

Malang is likewise the next largest city inside the southern section of Java after Bandung. Malang is located inside the plateau that’s quite cool, and also the whole area is bordered by Malang Regency.

Because Malang includes a cool weather and beautiful city of Malang is likewise very appropriate for tourist destinations. Not just the scenery, but as well as the city of Malang is likewise very suitable to become used being a spot where Outbound in Malang, East Java.

Malang along with as like a leading educational destination, also called the City of Flowers. Because in ancient times Malang is taken into account very beautiful and cool with many trees and flowers that flourish and beautiful.